At Riley Defense, producing a high-quality rifle with excellent customer service is our top priority. We stand by our products. If you’re the original purchaser/owner and your rifle is not operating properly as it should, then simply fill out the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form and you will receive a call or an email within the same day, except on weekends. We want to make sure that you, our valued customer, are completely satisfied with your rifle and become a lifetime customer.

Please note that our limited warranty is valid for 2 years from purchase date and covers only the original purchaser and assumes the product is properly cared for, maintained and operated. The warranty will be considered void if:

Replacing factory parts with non-approved parts.

Use of improper magazine or ammunition.

Adjustments, repairs or modifications not consistent with original design.

Misuse or improper use, such as the use of a bump stock or binary trigger.

Normal wear and tear and cosmetic defects.

We appreciate your business and please feel free to call us or provide feedback on our website. We want to hear from you.





At Riley Defense, your complete satisfaction with our products is our top priority. We want to make sure that your experience of owning one of our rifles is hassle-free and thoroughly enjoyable. We understand that sometimes problems or dissatisfaction might arise even with the best intentions. However, we want you to give us a chance to do everything in our means to make it right.

Always handle your rifle with care and keep it well maintained and cleaned especially after use. The longevity of a product varies with the level of care and operations as recommended by the manufacturer.

For returns, please fill out the RMA form. Returned brand-new merchandise due to a manufacturing defect will be repaired or replaced. We do not sell directly to consumers; therefore, we do not offer refunds.

Please note rifles that have been sold by the original purchaser to a different buyer are not covered under the warranty.